Love During Plague

We are all familiar with this symbol….

No matter which religion you belong nor language you speak, its meaning remains the same.
Yes! Its Love. But careful! Don’t wander yourself to the path of roses with Romeo and Juliet singing their love song. Don’t confuse or rather I say restrict Love with this

Rather call it cupid. Love is more than just an arrow piercing through a heart. It’s more than box of heart shaped chocolates. Love is an extraordinary feeling, a feeling so strange that it appears alien or out of this world.
According to me (i.e. how I felt it till now) Love is subdivided into 3 parts..hmm… I think I should rather say,Love can be of 3 major kinds –

  • Parental Love
  • Friendship (Yes I believe it as a form of Love)
  • Cupid Love

I came up with these 3 because I think a person’s life is majorly governed by these 3 kind of relations. As we know that if everything was perfect would our life be worth living? Neither these relations. There comes some ups and downs. So basically this brings us to my topic, which is “Love During Plagues”. Yes! these speed breakers are the plague of our life and relation is the victim. The only pill is that of “Love’. It acts as momentum which helps to overcome such hurdles.
Lets start of with the first kind. Continue reading