The Day I became Mr. HCL

It was like Déjà vu. A complete mystified sense of certainty. Well not the outcome  but the process. In the beginning of this semester I pretty much imagined that the day when I would no longer be “Nikamma” soul would be a very normal day. I would go for the interview by myself and all of my other friends would due to some reason or the other won’t be able to accompany me. It would just like going to the mall and booking a ticket of a movie. And same happened, creepy isn’t it?

I remember the day when Aricent came and I was desperately waiting for my result near the CILP hall(Placement area). All of my friends were there waiting for the result. It was like if they were applying for it. The whole area was like a battlefield and all I wanted to do was to hide in my bunker.  Then the dreadful news came. Out of the rush a voice came declaring that dreaded word “Rejected”. I didn’t even came near to the list of accepted people. I stood far in my own corner of shame. Shame not because I wasn’t selected but because I felt they got rejected. A feeling of letting down my friends. I wished and literally begged God to do a miracle and somehow reverse time and add a name. But if miracle rolled out like jellybeans won’t this world turn out to be a freak house?

But I have a strong belief, “Whatever happens… happens for the best…”. This is a tried and tested thing guys believe me. I definitely felt horrible for every rejections I had but later on I have always and I mean ALWAYS realized it was for the better good. This was the same. I just buckled up myself had a little patience and continued my journey till today and it was a magnificent day in the end.

I woke up saw its 7 and I wasn’t aware of the fact that the ppt of HCL was shifted to 11AM. So I did the usual stuff and went to check my e-mail and found out the ppt is few hours later. Now what to do? Well cause of party last night ahem ahem.. I missed my Big Boss episode so why not see it now? I picked up my iPad opened YouTube and wasted my whole 1 hour on it. Realizing that I now  have only one hour to iron my clothes, take a shower, shave print a CV and reach C-hall for the ppt I worked my butt off. Put up different pair of socks prepared nothing and reached C-hall somehow 5 minutes late. And lemme tell you this is the first time I favored Indian Standard Time. They were late by an hour. Attended the whole ppt which went brilliant, this guy was the first one to address the company as ‘MY COMPANY‘. I was mesmerized and it escalated my determination for the company. As I have said earlier I anticipated this day to be normal and so it was. My interview pretty much took just after the ppt so there was not much waiting and it was one of the longest  interview held! In the later part of the interview I realized that I have messed up my interview really bad by telling the guy who is supposed to be VLSI Division Head that I don’t found it to be interesting. I somehow seeded the interview so as we came back to the topic of VLSI. I asked sir to tell me more about VLSI as my perception about is based of loose information and that was the moment guys when I aced my interview. The outside view of my interview was more intriguing. It was like the former part of the interview was directed to me and latter part to the interviewer which was funny. Everything ended and then I came back, celebrated my yet to be declared victory at McD and turned on the tele to watch the Eng vs India payback series. Around 8PM i came to know that the list is gonna come out pretty soon, so went back to CILP to check it. Just before reaching there a guy came and congratulated me because somehow he came to know the result and I was like “Ohkkaay..  Thanks I guess..”. My anticipation even aroused more, now I have to see the list. And my friends it was there all written in Times New Roman, Sahil Khanna. And lemme tell you guys the scene after is to much graphic to explain. I was given a beating of a lifetime why? because its a tradition. Pretty weird right? also filled with mixed emotions of joy and pain. All the way back to my hostel I was made to feel like a chicken whose gonna be made into tandoori. Tradition again. So I head back, received a hell lot of beating from my mates and went for the Diwali Night celebration at my hostel. Yepp.. can the day turn any better? Yes it can.. India won a glorious victory over England and it just blew my mind. This was by far the happiest day of my life as if all the planets have lined up in the same line a celestial feeling like no other. Yes I was an astronaut today and HCL made it for me. I didn’t let my friends down and most of all my parents. Destiny rewarded me for the patience I had and taught me many lessons of life along the way.

And that’s it guys. This was the day when I became Mr. HCL.

Ooh btw if you guess how I look like in formals well, pretty funky right? 😀

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